Information on Interreg SK-AT

Cross-Border-Cooperation Programme Interreg V-A Slovakia-Austria

The wien-lobAU National Park House, the Twin-City-Liner and the bicycle bridge over the Morava River – all were realised with the help of the EU.

What are the projects of the future look like?

Contact person for Viennese project partners:

  • City of Vienna - Municipal Department 27 - European Affairs - Vienna
  • Mag.a Petra Wallner
  • Tel:   +43 1 4000 27064
  • E-Mail:

The programme area includes:

  • on the Slovak side: the districts of Bratislava and Trnava
  • on the Austrian side: North and Central Burgenland (NUTS 3), Vienna and Lower Austria.

Potential project partners:

  • Public and private research institutions
  • Schools and universities
  • Public institutions (federal government, regions, municipalities and its organisations)
  • NGOs
  • Public and private companies
  • the European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation (EGTC)
  • other institutions e.g. advocacy groups, clubs, chambers and associations

Physical persons or political parties may not be subsidised by this programme.

At least one Austrian and one Slovak partner must participate in a cross border project. 


€76 million in ERDF money is available for funding.

The maximum ERDF contribution remains unchanged at 85%.

The programme strategy:

The main purpose of the programme is to be better prepared for future challenges in the border regions through cross-border cooperation. The most important tasks are to achieve an improved institutional framework for cooperation, targeted preparation of measures of sectoral policies and solution-oriented approaches through smaller investments and practical pilot activities.


Priority axis (PA) and investment priorities (IP):

PA 1 – Contributing to a smart and integrative cross-border-region

  • 1.1 Strengthening collaboration in the innovation system (IP 1b)
  • 1.2 Improving higher education and lifelong learning (IP 1b)

PA 2 – Preserving and protecting natural and cultural heritage and biodiversity

  • 2.1 Fostering of natural and cultural heritage valorisation (IP 6c)
  • 2.2 Fostering of restoration and management of ecological corridors (IP 6d)

PA 3 – Promoting sustainable transport solutions

  • 3.1 Promoting environmental-friendly transport solutions (IP 7c)

PA 4 – Strengthening cross-border governance and institutional cooperation

  • 4.1 Strengthening institutional cooperation (IP 11)
  • 4.2 Strengthening the cooperation between educational institutions (IP 11)

Project submission:

In the programme Interreg V-A SK-AT, projects can be submitted on an ongoing basis in the Joint Secretariat in Bratislava or in the branch office in Vienna. Projects that are submitted before a fixed deadline will be discussed in the next Monitoring Committee meeting.

Project selection and evaluation:

All submitted projects must be assessed first before they are discussed in the Monitoring Committee meeting. In the first phase, the Monitoring Committee checks whether the project application is eligible, and in the next phase, the Committee assesses project quality. This process is described in more detail in the section selection criteria of the programme.

Programme approval:

“Developing frameworks and policy areas, providing specific solutions”

The cross-border-cooperation programme SK-AT, with its Managing Authority in Bratislava, was approved by the European Commission on 28 July 2015.

Programme Management:

Managing Authority

Seretariat – branch offices

  • Ministry of Investment, Regional Development and Informatisation of the Slovak Republic
  • Ing. Andrej Batyás
  • E-mail:

  • City of Vienna - Municipal Department 27 -European Affairs - Vienna
  • Alena Polonijo
  • Tel:   +43 1 89 08 088 2502
  • E-Mail:

Link to the programme website

Programme documents:

Cooperation programme Interreg V-A SK-AT 2014-2020

Documents for project partners:

  • Basic documents for project applicants (application form, detailed budget, handbook for applicants, eligibility rules, sample ERDF contract, sample partnership agreement) 
  • Publicity material (Programme logo, Brand Design Manual, EU emblem, presentation on publicity)
  • Presentations on programme seminars

Actual versions of all programme documents and handbooks are available here:

ETC SK-AT 2007-2013

Link to the website of the programme of the previous funding period 2007-2013.