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Tax deduction entitlement

See also VAT

Technical Aid

“Technical Aid” is funding used to finance the programme management itself. The amount of Technical Aid is limited to 6 % of the programme’s budget.


Timesheets are needed to calculate the staff costs and to document the number of hours an employee worked for a project within a month. Using timesheets, it is possible to separate the hours spent for working on the project and the hours spent on the general work of an employee. The timesheets have to be signed by the employee and the direct supervisor.

Travel costs

Documentation needed: Travel expense accounting for each person, including all necessary documentation (tickets, boarding card, invoices etc.), proof that the travel took place (invitation, participants list, documentation related to the event etc.), information on project relevance, presentation of the calculation method (e.g. kilometre allowance, calculation of diets). In case of settling kilometre allowance an excerpt of the electronic logbook, route planner and certification document are requested.

In general, transport by taxi is allowed only in exceptional cases and needs to be documented. Also, the hotel price has to be adequate. Meals are eligible for limited reimbursement. The project partner should consider whether the administrative work for settling costs for meals is worth the effort, as only a small amount of costs can be reimbursed.

Validation form

The First Level Control checks all expenditures of a project partner within a certain reporting period. The results of this check are documented in a validation form, which is the basis for later payments by ERDF.