Projects from the 2007-2013 programming period (EN)

Brawisimo (2007-2013)

Study on mobility behaviour in the Vienna-Bratislava region

What are the factors that influence the means of transport we choose?

Emah (2007-2013)

Eco-mobility in the Austrian-Hungarian border region 

What can be done to encourage more eco-friendly behaviour?

Twin-City-Rail (2007-2013)

Planning and Public Relations work concerning the expansion of the Vienna-Marchegg-Bratislava railway Connection –

Making the trip to Bratislava faster and more eco-friendly

Vibrate (2007-2013)

Electro-mobility between Vienna and Bratislava

The example of Tesla shows that there is still big potential for electric cars

VKM (2007-2013)

Developing an integrated and  intermodal and cross-border traffic model

Why do the border regions between Austria and Hungary, Austria and the Czech Republic and Austria and Slovakia need a joint traffic model?

WiWit (2007-2013)

Charting competencies in transport in Austria and Slovakia

Who is who in transport, at a glance