Creating synergies in the Slovakia-Austria region through the exchange of best practices and awareness of innovative technologies to promote digitalised manufacturing

Background of the project

In principle, there is a solid knowledge base for research and innovation in the SK-AT cooperation area. However, there is a lack of constant, permanent cooperation between the key actors and their network partners. Mostly, the institutions involved only establish ad-hoc regional, national and cross-border project relationships, but comprehensive strategic cooperation and networking is not significantly discernible. The awareness for permanent strategic cooperation is latent, but still needs to be developed, established and anchored through practicable working structures and work processes. Further challenges are the problem of finding sufficiently qualified staff, the exploitation of research results and the inclusion of European excellence in research and innovation activities.

Project content

In its overarching project objective, the Share4.0 SK-AT project pushes for an improvement in the cooperation of key actors for research and innovation through new forms of cooperation and practicable work processes. This activates and implements direct and long-term oriented pilot projects with a high degree of effectiveness. This is done on the basis of two selected fields of work: (1) Industrial assistance systems; (2) Resilient, sustainable production systems. Overall, the challenge of improving the lack of cooperation (in particular: consistency, strategy, resources, utilisation, excellence) is also specifically addressed by means of a high-quality bundle of service support. SMEs, research and universities, business support organisations (tech parks, business development, etc.) and also regional/local authorities are included as target groups in the project processing and its follow-up activities.


Key facts

Project duration


Funding programme

Interreg Slovakia-Austria 2014-2020

Project partners

Association Industry 4.0 Austria- the platform for intelligent production (AT)

Forschung Burgenland GmbH (AT)

FOTEC Forschungs- und Technologietransfer GmbH (AT)

Profactor GmbH (AT)

Slovak Innovation and Energy Agency

National Robotics Centre (SK)

Institute of Materials and Mechanics of Machines, Slovak Academy of Sciences (SK)

Zduzenie inteligentné hopriemyslu- Industry4UM (SK)

Project budget of the Viennese organisations

€ 240,000 thereof ERDF: € 204,000