Initiative for the promotion of research and innovation capacity of poultry veterinary farms

Background of the project

The poultry sector is an extremely important factor in agricultural value creation in the regions of Northern Austria, South Bohemia and Moravia and Highlands. On the Austrian side, 1,121 farms with a capacity of over 9.8 million animals, 3.5 million in South Moravia and 6 million in South Bohemia supply the region with fresh and safe food from poultry production. Naturally, the farms are faced with major challenges, especially in terms of poultry health and feeding, and are dependent on optimal veterinary care for the animals. However, this can only be guaranteed in the long term if the animals are examined, diagnosed and treated in accordance with the latest state of veterinary knowledge. The regional poultry veterinarians, generally organised as SMEs, can only provide such a service if the knowledge gained from research and innovation is constantly and promptly incorporated into their daily work. For this, own efforts for the investigation of available circumstances, close co-operation with relevant research mechanisms and appropriate exchange and knowledge transfer between veterinary practice and research are indispensable. Unfortunately, animal practices lack the manpower, time, equipment and expertise to carry out the necessary research into the current basis of disease.

Project content

The aim of the project is to get to know the mutual regional conditions with regard to poultry farming and poultry medicine and to introduce the research institutions and poultry veterinarians to intensified scientific cooperation. The two research institutions involved, the University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna and the Research Institute for Veterinary Medicine in Brno, have the necessary capacities (expert pool, infrastructure, expertise and experience) so that research into poultry diseases can be carried out with much greater synergy and cross-border cooperation with the affected veterinarians and poultry farmers.

Workshops with poultry practitioners will identify the need for research and development in poultry veterinary practices and develop a strategy to improve it. In addition, the research infrastructure at both sites will be identified and a plan for optimal sharing will be developed. Another important aspect of the project is research on intestinal poultry health. A pilot research project will demonstrate the feasibility of collaborative R&D between the research institutions and the primary addressees of the project, the poultry veterinarians.

In addition, poultry medicine researchers will visit production sites in neighbouring countries to gain an overview of the production conditions. The knowledge gained from the research activities and excursions will then be incorporated into the teaching materials of the two research institutions, which will benefit the students of poultry medicine.

The annual conference of the project will be the main event of this project.


On 26 May 2021, an online workshop on intestinal health in poultry was held as part of the INPOMED project. The video recording of the workshop with numerous expert presentations can be viewed at the following link. On the website, click on -Link zum INPOMED Workshop (Video) under the section Dokumente.

Following the workshop, an online seminar/symposium on gut health in poultry was held with guest lectures by Prof. Richard Ducatelle from Ghent University (Belgium) and Prof. Adrian Smith from Oxford University (UK). Again, the event was recorded and the video recording can be viewed again under the following link. On the website, click under the section Dokumente on - Link zum Seminar (Video).

Key facts

Project duration


Funding programme

Interreg Austria-Czech Republic 2014-2020

Project partners

Veterinary Research Institute in Brno (CZ) (lead partner)

University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna (AT)

Project budget of the Viennese organisations

€ 255,300 of which ERDF: € 217,000

Further information about the project

Project website (in German)