Projects from the 2014-2020 programming period (EN)

Age-friendly Region (2014-2020)

Developing new models to ensure a high quality of life into advanced old age, on both sides of the border

AI SDT-LAB (2014-2020)-EN

Supporting SMEs in the use of artificial intelligence- Artificial Intelligence Social Design Thinking Lab

AMB-REMOB (2014-2020)

Outpatient remobilisation after total knee and hip endoprostheses

AMOR (2014-2020) (EN)

Support for SMEs and in particular start-ups in the development of products with a wireless radio link

CAPSID (2014-2020) (EN)

Scientific capacity building in biomedical research through scientific exchange and joint development of research services

CEPI (2014-2020)

Research on poultry nutrition and poultry health for the benefit of SMEs in the industry

DIGI-O (2014-2020)

Offensive for new work through digitalization in the Austrian-Hungarian border region

DREAM SK-AT (2014-2020) (EN)

River research and water management along the Danube in Slovakia and Austria

IMPROVE! (2014-2020) (EN)

Digital innovation axis for smart AT-HU region

INPOMED (2014-2020) (EN)

Initiative for the promotion of research and innovation capacity of poultry veterinary farms

InterOP (2014-2020) (EN)

Transnational research on interoperability of heterogeneous radio systems -

How can radio systems be used more economically?

Kompetenzzentrum MechanoBiologie in Regenerativer Medizin (2014-2020)

Cross-border research on developing therapeutic methods for the restoration of human cells, tissues or organs

Nutriaging (2014-2020)

Nutrition and healthy aging –

more healthy years and a better quality of life in old age

PlastoCyan (2014-2020)

Production of biodegradable polymer polyhydroxybutyrate PHB from cyanobacteria by cultivation in waste water

PredMAIn (2014-2020)-EN

AI-based Predictive Maintenance

RIAT-CZ (2014-2020)

Building synergies in the field of research infrastructure for promoting innovation in the Austria-Czech Republic border region

SAFEBRIDGE (2014-2020) (EN)

Development of evaluation methods for bridge systems

SEDECO (2014-2020)

Promotion of biodiversity and reducing the effects of floods and drought in the Austrian-Czech border region

Seddon II (2014-2020)

Research on sediments at the Danube River: Construction of a hydraulic engineering laboratory to improve water management

SEED Hub (2014-2020)-EN

Social Entrepreneurship Education and Development Hub

Share4.0 - SK-AT (2014-2020)

Creating synergies in the Slovakia-Austria region through the exchange of best practices and awareness of innovative technologies to promote digitalised manufacturing

StruBioMol (2014-2020) (EN)

Development of learning and research capacities in the structural and functional analysis of biomolecules for the needs of biomedicine and biotechnology

Testbed exchange (2014-2020)-EN

Networking of Czech and Austrian testbeds (pilot factories) on Industry 4.0