Creative Media Work With Children and Young People

Background of the project

Despite the growing importance of modern technologies in today's society, Austria and the Czech Republic currently offer few opportunities for creative media work with children and young people. Modern technologies are mainly used passively by children and adolescents. The potentials for creative and active use are hardly exploited.

Project content

The Animation Now project aims to create offers for innovative, modern and creative media work for children and young people through intensive cross-border cooperation. Through exchange visits, the employees of the two participating organisations will gain insight into the work processes of the other organisation, which will provide new ideas and suggestions for educational work with children and young people, for workshop methods and contents, and for the basic concept of the two studios. As part of the project, a brand new animation studio will be set up in Sladovna and the existing animation studio in Vienna will be upgraded in time for its 20th anniversary.


  • Celebration of the 20th anniversary of the ZOOM Children's Museum

The ZOOM Trickfilmstudio is being renovated after 20 years. The animation studio is currently undergoing a technical and spatial overhaul as part of the project "Animation NOW!". To shorten the waiting time until the reopening of the animation studio, every week - for 20 weeks - a short video clip made by children will be presented. Enclosed is the link to the countdown "20 years - 20 weeks" until the reopening of the animation studio.

  • First joint workshop in Pisek on 11 May 2019

Here is the link to the video summary of the first joint workshop in Pisek.The animation station was part of a large city tour on 11 May in Pisek and the children and young people produced and set to music short film sequences during a stopover. The aesthetics of the post-production were inspired by the way Radek Pilar works and his personality.

Key facts

Project duration


Funding programme

Interreg Austria-Czech Republic 2014-2020

Project partners

Sladovna Písek, o.p.s. (CZ) (Leadpartner)

ZOOMS Children’s Museum Vienna (AT)

Project budget of the Viennese organisations

€ 585,800 of which ERDF: € 497,900

Further information about the project

Project website (in German)