Projects from the 2014-2020 programming period (EN)

Animation Now (2014-2020) (EN)

Creative Media Work With Children and Young People

BIG (2014-2020)

Promotion of multilingualism and linguistic diversity in kindergartens and primary schools

BIG_inn AT-HU (2014-2020) (EN)

Education cooperation in the border region AT-HU with an innovative approach

CARLiS (2014-2020) (EN)

Careers in Life Sciences- The identification of career paths for doctoral graduates in the non-academic field

CODES AT-HU (2014-2020) (EN)

CODES AT-HU – Competence-oriented education for elementary schooling in the cross-border region AT-HU

Co-AGE Volunteers-EN

Promoting closer/better cross-border cooperation between voluntary organisations

DigiMe (2014-2020) (EN)

Digital & Media Competence for Students and Teachers

DigiUp4.0 (2014-2020) (EN)

Upskilling digital skills of young people to address the skills shortage in industry 4.0

EDLRIS (2014-2020)

Training for young people in robotics and artificial intelligence

Edugard (2014-2020)

Garden pedagogy: Children get their manual skills back and learn about scientific correlations in nature

EduSTEM (2014-2020) (EN)

The project name delivers what it promises: Education in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

ENARIS (2014-2020) (EN)

Education and Awareness for Intelligent Systems

IN VITRA (2014-2020) (EN)

Integrated virtual and traditional anatomy-

Excellence in cross-border medical training

Robocoop (2014-2020) (EN)

Robotics Education driven by Interregional Cooperation

BIG_ling SK-AT

Educational cooperation in the border region SK-AT_bilingual