Projects from the 2007-2013 programming period (EN)

Ace (2007-2013)

How can help be provided to autistic children?

Act Welll (2007-2013)

Biology lessons in a natural setting

How can children living in cities learn about creating flower beds or planting and harvesting fruits and vegetables?

Caress@danube (2007-2013)

Quick help in case of emergency – Cooperation between Austrian and Slovak emergency organisations on the Danube River

Centrobot (2007-2013)

Positioning the Vienna-Bratislava region as an international competence centre in the field of robotics –

Children can learn programming

EdTrans (2007-2013)

Increasing competitiveness in the Centrope region through education and innovation

EdTwin (2007-2013)

Education beyond borders

Fresh A.I.R. (2007-2013)

Training course for environmental pedagogy –

How can teachers make children and teenagers more enthusiastic about environmental issues?

Gartentherapie (2007-2013)

Social involvement and inclusion by means of garden therapy –

Gardening work as a method to support the integration of disadvantaged people into society

IB-Ksp (2007-2013)

Learning neighbour’s languages while in kindergarten

Lena (2007-2013)

Environmental education programmes for children and teenagers

Experiencing natural habitats up close arouses scientific curiosity in children

Lucia (2007-2013)

Trafficking in women and human beings– what can be done to help the victims?

Mona (2007-2013)

Environmental education actions for overweight children: Healthy food and outdoor sports help in fighting surplus kilos

Narcisse (2007-2013)

A model programme for hospice care along the border

Training opportunities for employees who are in daily contact with dying people

Professional Automotive MBA (2007-2013)

Post-graduate university course in the automotive industry 

Pumako (2007-2013)

Public Management Cooperation: Cross border training for employees in public administration

SCR-Tourismus (2007-2013)

Cross-border cooperation between two universities in the field of tourism

Exchange programmes help students learn to react flexibly to changes in tourism


Training course for specialists in steel construction

Sop-Technikum (2007-2013)

Student exchanges and internships in the field of IT

Tamasz (2007-2013)

Expansion of the social safety net along the border –

Nurses for older people and hospice employees are missing on both sides of the Austrian-Hungarian border

AT-HU ISA (2007-2013)

Integration of disadvantaged pupils on the labour market by means of dual training

Dual training is very successful in Austria. The idea was encouraged in Hungary as well, in order to reduce the number of early school leavers.