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List of expenditures

Before submitting the project accounting to the First Level Control, the project partner has to prepare a list of expenditures that is given by the programme. The invoices must be sorted according to cost categories.

Lump sums

In the new funding period of the INTERREG-programmes, the following cost categories can be settled as lump sums:

  • Lump sum for office and administration costs of about 15% of eligible staff costs

  • Lump sum for staff costs of about 20% of total project costs

Additionally, there is a lump sum of €5,000 (total costs) provided in the AT-CZ and AT-HU programmes for the preparation of the project. For more information, check the eligibility rules of the programmes.

Managing Authority

Each Managing Authority is responsible to Member States and the European Commission for the management of the programme. The Managing Authority is responsible for the financial management of the programme and is supported by the Joint Secretariat (JS). The Managing Authorities are seated in: SK-AT in Bratislava, AT-HU in Eisenstadt and AT-CZ in St.Pölten.

Monitoring Committee

The Monitoring Committee, consisting of representatives of the regions, ministries, lobby groups and NGOs, decides in consensus about whether a project is approved or not. The Monitoring Committee is mainly responsible for the support and evaluation of the programme. The Monitoring Committee meets two or three times a year.

Office and administration costs

Office and administration costs are costs that cannot be directly linked to a project – such as rent, energy and accounting. Office and administration costs can be settled in form of a flat rate, which is equal to 15% of the eligible staff costs.