Leadpartner (EN)

What is a lead partner and who should take over this function?

A lead partner is a partner who is responsible to the Managing Authority for managing the project. The lead-partner has the following rights and duties:

  • The contract regarding ERDF-funding is signed between the Managing Authority and the lead partner.
  • The subsidies are paid directly to the lead partner (the lead partner is obliged to forward the subsidies to the other partners).
  • The lead partner is responsible for implementation of the entire project.
  • The lead partner is responsible for submitting the project application via the electronic monitoring system (eMS for the cooperation programmes Austria-Hungary and Austria-Czech Republic and ITMS 2014+ for the programme Slovakia-Austria).
  • The lead partner prepares, on the basis of the verified activity reports of the partners, a summarising project report and a request for payment.
  • Ideally a project partner with sufficient resources (personnel, experience, language skills) should have the project lead.