Cost categories (EN)

What types of cost categories exist?

Criteria for project selection (EN)

What are the criteria for project selection by the Monitoring Committee?

Financing (EN)

What does financing in the CBC-programmes look like?

Important facts concerning the project application (EN)

Things that must be considered before project submission:

Leadpartner (EN)

What is a lead partner and who should take over this function?

Payment of ERDF-funds (EN)

When can the first ERDF-payment be expected?

Potential project partners (EN)

Who can apply for funding?

Pre-financing (EN)

Is pre-financing an option in the CBC-programmes?

Programme area (EN)

What is the programme area ?

Reaching of project goals (EN)

How and where should programme indicators be reported?

Recognition of costs (EN)

Are project costs always refunded at a rate of 85%?

Requirements for project application (EN)

Which preconditions must be fulfilled in order to cooperate in the three cross-border programmes?

Strategic partner (EN)

What is the role of strategic partners?