Traffic, mobility and accessibility

Traffic doesn’t stop at the borders!

Mobility for the future – supported by the European Union!


Study on mobility behaviour in the Vienna-Bratislava region

What are the factors that influence the means of transport we choose?


Eco-mobility in the Austrian-Hungarian border region 

What can be done to encourage more eco-friendly behaviour?


Planning and Public Relations work concerning the expansion of the Vienna-Marchegg-Bratislava railway Connection –

Making the trip to Bratislava faster and more eco-friendly


Developing an integrated and  intermodal and cross-border traffic model

Why do the border regions between Austria and Hungary, Austria and the Czech Republic and Austria and Slovakia need a joint traffic model?


Electro-mobility between Vienna and Bratislava

The example of Tesla shows that there is still big potential for electric cars


Charting competencies in transport in Austria and Slovakia

Who is who in transport, at a glance