Developing leisure and relaxation facilities in urban conservation areas: How can human beings organise their leisure time in green spaces parks without interfering with natural habitats?

Project description

Vienna and Bratislava possess unique and very impressive conservation areas. These zones are located close to urban centres and are frequently used for recreational and relaxation activities by the urban population. It is very important to keep the negative effects of this human use to a minimum.

The goal of the Urbannatur project was to maintain a balance between nature preservation and the provision of recreational opportunities for the urban population. Experts discussed which traditional and innovative recreational facilities would work best in the Danube floodplains in Eastern Austria and the lesser Carpathians in Slovakia, with an eye toward ensuring a minimal impact on nature. The experts visited other European cities and collected ideas about how recreational opportunities could be implemented in the Austrian-Slovakian border region. The project partners developed a textbook that was used as a guide for how to preserve nature, with instruction on the whole planning process.

Key facts

Project duration
Funding programme ETC Slovakia-Austria 2007-2013
Project partners

City of Vienna - Municipal Department 49 -Forestry Office and Urban Agriculture (Vienna, AT)

Mestské lesy v Bratislave (Bratislava, SK)

Budget of the Viennese project partner € 529.400 thereof ERDF: € 450.000