Projects from the 2014-2020 programming period (EN)

AgriNatur AT-HU (2014-2020) (EN)

AgriNatur AT-HU – Biodiversity through anthropogenic uses for nature reserves

Bluehlinge (2014-2020)

Flourishing landscapes for butterflies in Slovakia and Austria

CEWA (2014-2020) (EN)

Recycling management in waste management

CINA–„CITY NATURE" (2014-2020) (EN)

Development of methods and means of communication for the conservation and stabilisation of biological diversity and ecosystem services in Vienna and Bratislava

Inteko (2014-2020)

Technology innovations on composting, compost application and soil protection: How can compost quality be improved?

PlasticFreeDanube (2014-2020) (EN)

Rivers as the Main Paths of Plastic Pollution in the Seas -

Macro-plastic waste in and along the Danube

SYM:BIO (2014-2020) (EN)

According to the motto "I live here and want to leave a positive trace", a network for drought-adapted and biodiversity-enhancing cultivation in town and country is to be created.