Projects from the 2007-2013 programming period (EN)

Biores (2007-2013)

How to utilize optimally biogenic resources

How can healthy soil contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gases?

Ecowin (2007-2013)

Nature preservation by greening in viniculture

Esp (2007-2013)

Energy consultations for companies and public institutions: How to detect, and reduce the energy consumption of a company

Fuwa (2007-2013)

Improving waste treatment: What are effective measures to reduce waste in the long term?

Health (2007-2013)

Energy and resource efficiency in the health sector: How can energy and resources be reduced in Austrian and Hungarian hospitals?

Hestia (2007-2013)

Examination of running waters on pollutants: What is the situation of the Danube River?

Monairnet (2007-2013)

Data management of air pollution from persistent organic pollutants: Finding the right method to measure pollution.


Useful methods of soil protection to improve soil’s water retention and enhance flood protection: Making the soil more fertile

Naturkulinarium (2007-2013)

Developing and implementing new tourism and education-oriented forms of experience with the focus on region-specific gardens and cultural landscapes

Making it possible to plan a journey based on criteria such as “good food” and “breath-taking nature experiences”.

Raaba (2007-2013)

A framework for developing and initiating a regional reuse network for components in the construction industry

Reuse of components retrieved from demolition sites: Does it actually work, and is it worth it?

Re-Design:Net[work] & REdesign+ (2007-2013)

Developing new forms of employment for people who are disadvantaged on the labour market

From old to new: How new bags are made out of old flags, and long-term unemployed people get a second chance on the labour market.

Sondar (2007-2013)

Soil protection: Using the soil while caring for it at the same time!

SoPro (2007-2013)

Social production can encourage nature preservation and sustainability, but only if companies, public authorities and social enterprises work together.

What does “social production” mean?

SuKi (2007-2013)

Reducing the use of energy and CO2 emissions in commercial kitchens: Regional food from organic farming and smaller meat portions are just the first steps

Umbesa (2007-2013)

Sustainable menu: What does a sustainable menu look like?

Urbannatur (2007-2013)

Developing leisure and relaxation facilities in urban conservation areas: How can human beings organise their leisure time in green spaces parks without interfering with natural habitats?

Igen (2007-2013)

Developing an organisation model for the cross-border Irottkő-Geschriebenstein nature park –

Raising public awareness about the value of a nature reserve