Digital innovation axis for smart AT-HU region

Project background

Digitization poses great challenges for companies in all industries. These challenges can only be met through a structured, systematic approach. Densely populated areas and large cities have corresponding economies of scale to support this change - for example, through the creation of new platforms, the switch from diesel operation to electromobility in the automotive industry or new technologies (3D printing or data science) etc. Networking of organisations committed to digital change on both sides of the border can provide the necessary knowledge.

Project content

The IMPROVE! project aims to promote cooperation between companies participating in digital change and also to encourage cross-border interaction between organisations. At the same time the competences of individual companies will be strengthened by the following tasks:

-developing complementary service portfolios of organisations involved in digital transformation - and later becoming Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs)

-Development of a common methodology for measuring the technological maturity and digital potential of companies

-To demonstrate the relevance of the concept, case studies with cross-border service offers will be prepared

-Internationalisation of the network through the involvement of political actors at different levels

Those DIHs are selected as Improve! partners that represent regionally, nationally or internationally appointed/accredited nodes. These DIHs alone do not and cannot have the full range of skills - from metal 3D printing to maturity testing to digital twinning. Their integration is therefore essential.


  • Call for tenders DigiCall

Within the framework of the project, a call for proposals for SMEs is being held with the aim of helping small and medium-sized enterprises to implement digital solutions. More information on the call for proposals

  • Reports

(1) report as a support service for preparing digital future trends with an impact in the ATHU cooperation area

(2) report on the results of the research on the latest relevant digitisation studies in Austria and Hungary

(3) case studies to help companies understand how they can benefit from the digitalisation services of the Digital Innovation Centres and what values DIHs can bring them

Key facts

Project duration


Funding programme

Interreg Austria-Hungary 2014-2020

Project partners

Pannon Business Network Association (HU) (lead partner)

Campus 02 University of Applied Sciences (AT)


FOTEC Research and Technology Transfer (AT)

Forschung Burgenland GmbH (AT)

Project budget of the Viennese organisations

€ 144,000 thereof ERDF: € 122,400

Further information about the project

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