Projects from the 2007-2013 programming period (EN)

AC-Centrope & AC-Centrope II (2007-2013)

Automotive industry: Vocational training for experts

Active Ageing (2007-2013)

Active Ageing in Schneebergland (and beyond)

How can elderly people be supported in remaining independent as long as possible?

Altecs (2007-2013)

Students help SMEs in the Austrian-Slovak border region to enhance their market opportunities


Research on human respiration by means of pig lungs: How this innovative method helps to reduce animal testing


Legal advice for Slovak migrant workers in Austria

The numbers speak for themselves: 1000 people made use of free legal advice in Vienna, Bratislava and Gänserndorf

Cepo (2007-2013)

Poultry Research: The goal of the project is to prevent poultry from infectious diseases by determining the ideal animal feed.

Cidep (2007-2013)

Urban expansion: Development of a catalogue with functional and spatial-structural settlements

Creative (2007-2013)

Developing new forms of employment for people who are disadvantaged on the labour market

From old to new: How new bags are made out of old flags, and long-term unemployed people get a second chance on the labour market.

DeWaLoP (2007-2013)

Water losses due to leaky pipe connections: How a remote-controlled robot can reduce the loss of fresh drinking water

Diaplant (2007-2013)

Diabetes: What influence does vegetarian food have on secondary illnesses of type II diabetics?

Dx (2007-2013)

Cooperation between universities – Developing a cross-border university cluster with a focus on security, safety and public services

El-Bik (2007-2013)

Research on human respiration using a pig lung 

Envizeo (2007-2013)

Research on a new, more eco-friendly type of cement 

Famo (2007-2013)

Monitoring of specialists for the Vienna-Bratislava region

Genesee (2007-2013)

Geodetic measuring of Lake Neusiedl (Neusiedlersee): Why are measures of the mud so important?

HiTech-Zentrum (2007-2013)

Founding of a high-tech centre for the purpose of knowledge exchange on innovation and technology between universities and companies

iCom (2007-2013)

Informatics: Better networking between research institutions and enterprises through a doctorate programme for Austrian and Czech students

Innospirit (2007-2013)

Urban Technologies: Improving the use of new technologies in cities and regions

Innoval (2007-2013)

Establishing an interregional innovation network on mechatronics and promoting the implementation of innovative ideas

Mobil (2007-2013)

Mobility in old age: How to address sarcopenia, the persistent loss of muscular mass in old age

Nanolith (2007-2013)

Historic stone monuments of “Leithakalk” (limestone): Research on new, state-of-the-art methods for the preservation of art objects

Pro 2013+ (2007-2013)

Developing a strategy for cross-border cooperation in the Interreg programme Austria-Czech Republic for the new funding period 2014-2020

Recom SK-AT & HU-AT (2007-2013)

Support services for the promotion of cross-border activities

What kinds of services exist for partners working in cross-border projects?

Regionco (2007-2013)

Regional cooperation in ion therapy for the treatment of cancer patients

Regionfemme (2007-2013)

Supporting women in founding a company