Research on poultry nutrition and poultry health for the benefit of SMEs in the industry

Project description

The poultry industry plays a very important role in Austria and Hungary, as there is much poultry meat produced and many people employed in this sector. Both countries have the goal of producing high-qualitative poultry products by increasing the proportion of natural, non-genetically-manipulated ingredients in animal feed. Nevertheless, Austrian and Hungarian SMEs involved in poultry production urgently need support as they are facing increasing challenges, such as climate change, rising costs for animal feed and higher quality demands.

Universities are responsible for research, and advocacy groups are experts in the field of consultation. If both types of actors bundle their services, their collective knowledge can benefit more stakeholders, including the poultry producing and processing industry, hatcheries, slaughterhouses and food mills. The goal of the Cepi project is to build a bridge between universities and advocacy groups, such as poultry organisations and chambers of agriculture.

Universities conduct research on the influence of feed on poultry’s health and disease resistance. At the same time, additional data is collected on the relationship between the type of feed and the product quality or food safety.

Moreover, there is also research on poultry health that not only affects profit and animal welfare, but has also an impact on the health of human beings. Zoonotic agents are infectious diseases that are transmitted from animals to human beings and from humans to animals. One project goal is also to detect what factors facilitate the distribution of these pathogens.

Two summer academies took place in Vienna and Keszthely to provide students and other experts with current information on poultry health and feeding.

The new scientific findings were made available to advocacy groups, who could forward them in their role as advisors to representatives of the poultry industry.

Key facts

Project duration
Funding programme Interreg Österreich-Ungarn 2014-2020
Project partners

University of Pannonia (Leadpartner) (Veszprém, HU)

University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna (AT)

Budget of the Viennese project partners € 497.700 thereof ERDF: € 423.000