A model programme for hospice care along the border

Training opportunities for employees who are in daily contact with dying people

Project description

The way we handle disease has changed in recent years. Compared to the past, elderly people tend to come to live in nursing homes when their condition is very poor. Residents very often have untreatable diseases and need palliative care and therapeutic and spiritual assistance from the first day they arrive. For the nursing staff this means that they have to face challenges that they cannot cope with without additional know-how.

The NARCISZ project is a continuation of the EU-project TAMASZ, which developed organisation and training concepts for hospice and palliative medicine. In the NARCISZ project, the focus was put on the integration of the hospice culture and palliative care in eight nursing homes and elderly care facilities in the Austrian-Hungarian border region (three in Vienna, three in Burgenland and two in Zalaegerszeg). The implementation of an organisation development process had the goal of improving the quality of life of the residents and the working conditions of the nursing staff. Ten people were trained as organisation development project assistants, and they were involved in the whole process. Some 67 people in the region were trained as multipliers, who acquired the competence to train their staff in palliative geriatrics. A campaign started in 12 schools and educational institutions had the purpose of raising awareness about death and terminal care. The project also included a needs assessment and feasibility study for the construction of a hospice in Hungary. Based on that information, there was also a feasibility study to investigate the idea of constructing a hospice in Zala.

Key facts

Project duration 03/2013-12/2014
Funding programme ETC Austria-Hungary 2007-2013
Project partners 

BFI Vocational Training Institute Burgenland(AT) (Leadpartner)

BFI Vocational Training Institute Wien (AT)

Hospiz Österreich- Dachverband von Palliativ- und Hospizeinrichtungen (Vienna, AT)

Zalaegerszeg és Térsége Többcélú Kistérségi Társulás (HU)

Zalaegerszegi Kistérségért Fejlesztési és Foglalkoztatási Nonprofit Kft. (HU)

Budget of the Viennese project partner € 297.100 thereof ERDF: € 252.500