Durchführung eines postgradualen Universitätslehrganges mit dem Schwerpunkt Automobilindustrie in der Centrope Region (Projekt Professional MBA Automotive Industry)

Project description

The automotive industry and its entire supply chain play an important role, not only in Austria, but also in Hungary and Slovakia, as many production sites are located in those countries. After falling sales figures a few years ago, the automotive industry has recovered beyond expectations, and has been able to gain new markets for its products. Despite the rising competition, customers are more and more interested in cars with an attractive design and innovative electronic equipment. Meanwhile, the new technology of electro-mobility has become very attractive for many consumers, and this field needs to be developed further. To meet these customers’ demands, the necessary knowledge must to be ensured.

An automotive academy was established to concentrate the knowledge that is essential for the automotive industry in the region. People working in the automotive industry had the opportunity to educate themselves further by attending the courses offered by the automotive academy, and they were allowed to use their newly acquired knowledge directly in their companies. The know-how of the employees generated an additional value for the companies as they became more competitive. The project was implemented first between Austria and Slovakia and then between Austria and Hungary.


Übersicht über die im Rahmen des Lehrgangs verfassten Diplomarbeiten:


Eckdaten zum Projekt

Laufzeit 04/2008-05/2012
Förderprogramm ETZ Slowakei-Österreich 2007-2013

Wirtschaftsagentur Wien (Leadpartner ) (AT)

Technische Universität Wien (AT)

Slowakische Technische Universität Bratislava (SK)

Projektbudget der Wiener Organisationen € 831.600 davon EFRE: € 706.800